Lift & Slide Doors

Effortless opening

It is the super smooth lift and slide mechanism in our stunning Lift and Slide windows and doors which makes them ideal for even bigger openings. You can choose full height floor to ceiling glazing more than 3m high with panels weighing up to 400kg each, and still open and close them effortlessly with one hand.

Performance and design

Like the entire Hemera range, the emphasis is on quality, durability and perfect performance. You get the same ultimate protection from dust, noise and tropical weather as you do from the Sliding windows and doors, and you can save even more energy.
Depending on which system you choose, frames can be as slim as 50mm around the outside and on the interlock, meaning there’s very little frame on show to spoil your view.

Ultimate flexibility

Choose from two or three sliding tracks and up to six panels sliding to the right or the left to truly enhance your home. Low threshold options make them perfect for patios and balconies and you can add blinds, insect screens, and even a motorised opening option if you wish.