Technical Specification

Bhushan Building brings together indoor and outdoor living spaces in exquisite harmony. Free-flowing spaces are created thanks to stunningly slim sightlines that bathe every surface with natural light. Uninterrupted panoramic landscapes provide complete escapism, without the need of escape. While seamlessly integrated floor-to-ceiling glazing reflects the clarity of thought behind every inspired design decision.

Design Features

  • Sliding door
  • Fully concealed outer-frame
  • 21mm central interlock
  • One or more opening panels with large width dimensions up to 3000mm (W) and height dimensions up to 3500mm
  • Holds up to 400 kg panel weight


  • Available in double or triple track
  • Glazing options of 38mm – 52mm
  • Floating corner post option for larger opening space
  • Single & Double colour available as standard
  • Available in a range of configurations
  • Double or triple glazing solutions available on the same outer-frame
Performance and Accreditation
Uw-Value (Double Glazing)1.3 W/m²K
Uw-Value (Triple Glazing)< 1.0 W/m²K
Air TightnessClass 4 (600 Pa)
Water TightnessClass 8A (450 Pa)
Wind LoadClass C3 (1200 Pa, up to 160 km/h)
Size Limits
Max Sash Weight400kg
Max Sash Dimension3000mm (w) | 3500mm (h)
System features
Dual colour option
Multi-point locking
Glazing options38mm - 52mm